Posted by: Marte Spangen | September 2, 2012

EAA in Helsinki

This summer has been all about travelling, and I continued almost directly from the fieldwork to this years annual meeting for the European Association of Archaeologists in Helsinki, Finland, Aug 29-Sep 2.

It has been a great four days archaeology ”festival”, with 1200 archaeologists present, and a massive amount of sessions and papers given on various archaeological subjects.

My main task here was to give a paper called ”Hunting rituals – hunting facilities, graves and Sámi circular offering sites” in the session ”Reindeer Hunting as Part of Circumpolar History against the Wider Background of Hunting in Central and Northern Europe”. In the paper I summarized my project and presented some of the questions I have been pondering this summer, like the origin of the idea that these structures are offering sites, and whether they could possibly be something else, or something more.

I think the presentation went quite well, and it was very inspiring that the other participants seemed to find it interesting, wanted to discuss the issues I brought up, and also came up to me after the session to talk about it and give me tips about various sites and information I might find useful.

Apart from being a very valuable meeting point for archaeologists who are interested in the same subjects, the EAA is of course also a social happening, and it has been great to meet both old friends and to make new ones at all the social happenings during these days.

A big thanks to the organizers of the EAA in general, and to the organizers of the “reindeer session”, David Andersson, Ingrid Sommerseth, John Olsen, and Ulrich Schmölcke, in particular!


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