Posted by: Marte Spangen | February 3, 2013

Next stop Jokkmokk!

In a couple of days I will be heading for Jokkmokk, Northern Sweden, to visit the 408th annual winter market. I will be presenting a paper at the half day seminar ”Vildmark eller kulturlandskap – samiska kulturminnen i fjällen” (“Wilderness or cultural landscape – Sámi cultural heritage in the mountains”) at Ájtte Museum on Wednesday Feb 6.

The seminar is one of many happenings during the market week, which attracts about 40.000 visitors every year. The visitors include locals, people from other parts of Sápmi, and tourists from further away. The market also attracts media attention at home and abroad, like this photo gallery run in January this year by the Guardian: Jokkmokk Sámi market in Swedish Lapland.

My paper will present my project with a focus on whether the enigmatic stone circles registered in Swedish mountains and other places in Norway and Sweden are in fact related to the same cultural traditions as the “classical” circular offering sites in Finnmark. I am hoping that the audience will also have some opinions on this so that we can have a fruitful exchange on the topic.

I look forward to visiting Jokkmokk and attending the seminar, not least as part of my preparations before going on the planned surveys in Northern Sweden this spring. And of course I look forward to experiencing the winter market! Next stop Jokkmokk!


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