Posted by: Marte Spangen | June 27, 2013

Permission granted!


The Storfjord site

The Karasjok site

The Karasjok site

Exciting news! I just received a letter from the Norwegian Directorate of Cultural Heritage (Riksantikvaren), confirming that I get to do further investigations in two stone circles/circular offering sites this autumn. I am very happy that permission was granted, as I think these excavations will give a significant contribution to the project.

The sites in question are located in Karasjok, Finnmark, and Storfjord, Troms, respectively, and have some similar ”classic” characteristics, yet also conspicuous differences when it comes to how they are built, in what sort of terrain, etc. The question is if they represent the same phenomenon, and if so, which similar aspects of them are key to understanding their purpose and use.

The investigations will include small scale excavations and soil sampling. The aim is to get more exact information about the original shape, function, use, and dating of these structures. The areas around them will also be more thoroughly surveyed to establish their cultural context.

I really look forward to this field work – and its progress will of course be reported here on the blog!



  1. Hei!

    Har fremdeles ferie – kan du sende meg en privat mail med spørsmålene du sendte til jobbmailen min?


    Ingegerd Holand

    • Hei,
      Ja, selvfølgelig, send meg din private email her eller til Beklager å forstyrre deg i ferien, men siden jeg reiser til Tromsø mandag, hadde det vært fint med en rask avklaring. Forresten veldig hyggelig at du følger bloggen! Mvh Marte

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