Posted by: Marte Spangen | November 17, 2013

Call for papers to Nordic TAG session “Sámi archaeology and postcolonial theory”

The next Nordic TAG (Nordic Theoretical Archaeology Group) will be held at Stockholm University! The sessions have now been announced and the deadline for entering papers is Dec 15. The theme for the conference this time is “Archaeology as a source of theory”.

Tiina Äikäs, Anna-Kaisa Salmi and I have proposed a session on “Sámi archaeology and postcolonial theory”. We hope for many interesting contribution discussing the use and value of postcolonial theory in Sámi archaeology and how Sámi archaeology may contribute to developing theory. Send your abstract to For more information and complete session abstract, see:

Welcome to Stockholm in April 2014!



  1. […] spring 2014, Anna-Kaisa Salmi, Tiina Äikäs and I held a session at the XIV Nordic TAG about “Sámi archaeology and postcolonial theory”. Following the session we were very happy to be allowed to guest edit a special issue of Arctic […]

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