Posted by: Marte Spangen | December 23, 2013

Call for papers to session at EAA in Istanbul 2014

Together with four fellow organizers I would like to invite you all to submit paper abstracts to our session “Sacred nature: site biographies, research, ethics” at the EAA conference (European Association of Archaeologists 20th meeting) in Istanbul September 10-14 2014. The session concerns the following issues:

Throughout history natural and manmade spaces have been used as religious sites in various contexts. Some of these sites have been (re)used in different religious, cultural and political frameworks, both in the past and today, while others show a very short-term utilization period. This session aims at discussing the use of sacred places and their biographies in both contemporary and past societies. The specific questions of interest include defining, using, studying and protecting sacred places. What makes a place sacred? To what extent is the sacredness of a place related to natural topographical features or created through use and reuse of the site? What is the perception of natural sacred places in contemporary and past society, and how do these perceptions change in time? What kind of sources and methods can be employed for studying sacred places? How can we approach the dynamics of sacred sites through archaeological material? Are there specific ethical issues that should be considered in the studies of sacred places? We welcome both theoretical and methodological contributions throughout the world.

For more information, see also session T06S016 here:

Paper abstracts are to be sent in via a submission form that you can find here: Questions about our session may be directed to our session leader Ester Oras:

If you find this interesting I hope you will submit your paper abstract before the deadline January 27 2014. In the meantime I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!



  1. Dear organisers
    this is to announce my contribution to this session “Ritual use of caves in Central Europe”
    Abstract following
    best regards Henry Dosedla

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