Posted by: Marte Spangen | January 13, 2014

Were they really offering sites? Article about doubts and research history out now

The first peer reviewed article related to this project is now out in the latest issue of Fennoscandia Archaeologica (2013). The article sums up the reasons why I have started to doubt that the so-called Sámi circular offering sites were originally built and used as offering sites at all. The reasons for this doubt include a lack of older written and ethnographic sources, certain features relating to the stone structures themselves and their distribution, and that the few local traditions recorded may very well be of a younger date and possibly inspired by a scolarly hypothesis from the mid-19th century.

For copyright reasons I am not allowed to make the full-length article available online for another year, but Fennoscandia Archaeologica can be bought here:, or, presumably, borrowed at a library close to you. Feedback will be much appreciated!


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