Calendar 2016:

Oct 15 2016: PhD defense at 1 pm in Nordenskiöldsalen, Geovetenskapens hus, Stockholm University. Opponent: Aleks Pluskowski

Sep 23 2016: “Spikdag” – PhD book launch

Jul 2 2016: End of PhD employment at Stockholm University

Apr 6 2016: “End seminar”. Presenting preliminary PhD manuscript at Department of Archaeology, Stockholm University. External discussant: dr. Carl-Gösta Ojala, Uppsala University.

Feb 3 2016: Presenting article at launch of special issue of Nordic Museology “Rethinking Sámi cultures in museums“. 12.15 pm, Room 425, P. A. Munch’s house, Blindern, University of Oslo.

Calendar 2015:

Dec 2-4 2015: Attending “Vikings: Beyond Boundaries“, the ViS Conference 2015, Oslo

Okt 2-3 2015: Field work, Telemark, Norway

Sep 7 2015: “Sami circular offering sites – medieval religious anomalies or a modern myth?”, presentation at Ruralia XI, Clervaux, Luxembourg

Sep 7-12 2015: Attending Ruralia XI: “Religious places, cults and rituals in medieval rural environment”, Clervaux, Luxembourg

Jun 3 2015: Participating in PhD Course “Cultural Heritage and Identity”, University of Copenhagen with presentation of my project, Copenhagen

Apr 13-17 2015: Participating in PhD course “Museum as Third Space” by the Nordic Graduate School in Archaeology: “Dialogues with the Past” with paper on how to disseminate and do research on Sami offering sites in museums, Paris

Feb 13 2015: “Offerplasser eller ulvefeller? Samiske offerringers mulige roller i religion, jakt, handel og skattlegging i nordnorsk middelalder”. Research seminar at Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History, University of Oslo

Calendar 2014:

Dec 3 2014: “Samiske offerplasser eller “offer i de djupa skogarna”. Vikingtidens samiske identitet i Norge og i Sverige”. Paper to be presented at the conference “Skandinavia: Ett, tre, eller mange?”, Museum of Cultural History, Oslo.

Dec 3-5 2014: “Skandinavia: Ett, tre, eller mange?” Participating in open conference about cultural diversity in Scandinavia in the Viking Age, organized by the research group for Viking Age studies at Museum of Cultural History, Oslo.

Sep 11 2014: “New users and changing traditions – (re)defining Sami offering sites”, paper written together with Tiina Äikäs in session “T06S016 Sacred nature: site biographies, research, ethics”, EAA, Istanbul

Sep 10-14 2014: European Association of Archaeologists 20th meeting, EAA, in Istanbul; organizing the session “T06S016 Sacred nature: site biographies, research, ethics” together with Ester Oras, Tiina Äikäs, Tõnno Jonuks and Martti Veldi

May 21 2014: Half-time seminar, presenting the project and developments to the Department of archaeology and classical studies, Stockholm University

May 20 2014: “Sydsamiska kulturspår i och kring Hedmark”. Participating in seminar about Sami cultural heritage in my home county Hedmark in relation to the project “Sørsamer – landskap og historie” (“South Sami landscape and history”)

Apr 28-May 2 2014: Participating in PhD course “Outland use and upland landscapes” by the Nordic Graduate School in Archaeology: “Dialogues with the Past” with paper on the project´s outland perspectives

Apr 22-26 2014: Nordic Theoretical Archaeology Group’s 14th conference, Nordic TAG; organizing the session “Sámi archaeology and postcolonial theory” together with Tiina Äikäs and Anna-Kaisa Salmi

Calendar 2013:

Nov 15 2013: “Korte og lange historier om samiske offerringer”. Paper for research seminar at the Institute for archaeology and social anthropology, University of Tromsø

Nov 7-9 2013: Attending NAM (the Norwegian Archaeologist Meeting) in Tromsø with poster

Oct 25 2013: “Sámi archaeology in Norway” . Paper at the workshop “Archaeologies of ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ – debating the ethics and politics of ethnicity and indigeneity in archaeology and heritage discourse” (Oct 24-26), Uppsala University

Oct 23 2013: Participating in the workshop “Heritage and critical postcolonialism” at the Swedish History Museum, Stockholm

Aug-Sep 2013: Field work. Excavations in Karasjok, Finnmark, and Storfjord, Troms

Aug 14 2013: “Hunting rituals. Methods to investigate Sami circular offering sites”, presentation of planned field work and methods to the staff at the Archaeological Research Laboratory, Stockholm University

Jul 2013: Field work. Surveys in southern Troms, Sør-Trøndelag, and Nordland counties, Norway

Jun 2013: Field work. Surveys in southern Troms and Nordland counties, Northern Norway

Feb 6 2013: “Samiske offerringer”. Popular speech at the seminar ”Vildmark eller kulturlandskap – samiska kulturminnen i fjällen” (“Wilderness or cultural landscape – Sámi cultural heritage in the mountains”),  Ájtte, Swedish Mountain and Sami Museum, Jokkmokk

Calendar 2012:

Oct 28 2012: “Offeringer – en jakt på ritualer i samiske landskap”. Popular speech at “Tid för forntid”, 2 pm at the Institute for archaeology and classical studies, Stockholm University

Oct 17 2012: “Samiske offerringer”. Presentation of the PhD project for the Institute for archaeology and classical studies, Stockholm University

Oct 11-12: Chair/discussant at the conference “RE:Mindings – Co-Constituting Indigenous/Academic/Artistic Knowledges and Understandings of “Land-, Water-, Body-, and Lab-scapes”” at Uppsala University,

Aug 30 2012: Giving the paper “Hunting rituals: Hunting facilities, graves and Sámi circular offering sites” (ID 5712) at the EAA session “Reindeer Hunting as Part of Circumpolar History against the Wider Background of Hunting in Central and Northern Europe”

Aug 29- Sep 1 2012: Attending EAA in Helsinki

July-August 2012: Field work. Surveys and archive studies in Finnmark and Troms, Northern Norway

May 2012: Project start up


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