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In North Sámi: Mun

My name is Marte Spangen and “Sámi circular offering sites” is my PhD project. I was born in Oslo in 1977, and grew up in Løten, Hedmark, Norway. I became interested in Sámi archaeology when studying in Tromsø, and I graduated from University of Tromsø in 2005, specializing in silver hoards from the Viking and Early Middle Ages in Northern Norway, see http://munin.uit.no/handle/10037/109. I have previously also studied art and design, history, law and archaeology in London, Oslo and Barcelona.

After graduating I went on to work as an archaeologist in Finnmark for the Sámi Parliament with surveys and land planning (2005-2006), and later worked at the Varanger Sámi Museum with various projects concerning Sámi archaeology, history and religion (2006-2008). More recently I have been employed as a project leader and advisor at the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo (2009-2012). I started my PhD in historical archaeology at Stockholm University in May 2012.

My main fields of interests are Sámi archaeology, history, and religion, Sámi offering sites, circular offering sites, historical archaeology, Viking age, Middle age, archaeology of rituals, and silver hoards.

Contact: marte.spangen@gmail.com


Publications, papers, lectures etc. are also listed and in part uploaded here: https://su-se.academia.edu/MarteSpangen


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